Happy Wheels Demo


Happy Wheels Demo

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In most of the happy wheels race games, you will have chosen whatever mean, junky, badly prepared car you can find, and, ignoring all consequences, in a desperate attempt to gain victory over the field, your aim is to get out there, and cause absolute havoc. And that is the basis of the grueling race antics that is Happy Wheels, and if you want to get anywhere with this game, you will need to be as mean, and nasty, as you can be. This, my friends, is known as the killer instinct, so prepare yourself for the ride of a lifetime.

In 2005 Jim Bonacci launched a site called Total JerkFace. This site is the host for Happy wheels which is its main focus, and since its launch, has changed entirely into the more efficient and full on site that it is today. The total JerkFace site has a large user base and is reported as being one of the top 30,000 Alexa ranked sites, which is evident in the user Level browser of Happy Wheels. If you want to publish a Happy Wheels level, then you will need to have a total JerkFace account, which is the only way you can save replays, and also post in the forums if you wish. Now that you have decided to play Happy Wheels, you will need to know a little more of the characters, and how you can use them to make your time on Happy Wheels more fun.

We start out with a quick look at what we call player persons, or happy wheelers. These are the names for the characters that you control, and play levels with. The in-game camera follows the character by focusing on where its heart is, if you destroy its body, the camera will still follow the heart until the level is over. At this current time there are nine total characters on seven vehicles. Some players make their own NPC, or Non-Player Character.

Wheelchair Guy:
The first character, or NPC up, is known as Wheelchair guy. Wheelchair Guy was the first playable character, is the oldest, and is known as the mascot of the game. In appearance he is an elderly man, a bit smelly and unclean, who seems to be of no fixed abode. Nobody has ever quite figured out how he came by his jet powered wheelchair, which explodes when crushed using the same explosion animation as the land mine, without harming the player. The wheelchair jet has now become an object in the movement part of the game editor, but as you will see, this is all available with Happy Wheels Full Version.

Segway Guy:

Segway Guy is among the four original Happy Wheels characters, made up of, Wheelchair Guy, Irresponsible Dad, and Effective Shopper. He gets around on a silver segway, that because it is spring loaded, is capable of leaping up into the air. He has a white bicycle helmet, and wears a smart Grey business suit. His blood red tie, and black shoes complete the outfit, and although he appears to be a little podgy around the middle, his attire makes him look every inch the professional. Segway Guy looks to be around middle age, and may be from the upper echelons of society, judging by the use of the Segway.

Irresponsible dad:

Irresponsible Dad became the third character to be added to Happy Wheels. This characters name says it all. He is an entirely irresponsible father, who takes his son into the highly volatile and dangerous world of Happy Wheels, without a second thought about what he is getting him into, and driven only by his own desire for the thrill of Happy Wheels racing. Irresponsible Dads son is also a controllable part of the game, which makes Irresponsible Dad the first duel player character in the game. Irresponsible dads colorful clothing includes a turquoise shirt, khaki shorts, black belt, and black sneakers with white socks, his bicycle helmet is white, and his child is dressed in an orange shirt with green shorts, red sneakers with white socks. These two characters look ready to race should the opportunity present itself.

Effective Shopper:

Effective Shopper was the fourth character to be added to happy wheels, and was also the first female character. This remained so until Moped Couple was added, which is characterized by a couple on a Moped. She also had the added label of the first obese character until Lawnmower Man came along. She looks just like any other shopper, with her kart, and dressed in a green shirt, with blue shorts that are coming apart at the seams. In her kart she has Cock Cock, which is a spoof for Coca Cola, that releases a spray of cola if it gets broken. There is Hellman Mayonnaise, sausages, a baguette, a bag of sugar, two cans of Cannedballs Tomato Soup (Campbell’s spoof), although, those that have seen these soup tins, argue that they look like two packets of Marlborough cigarettes, and lastly a box of biscuits.

There are other characters that have been added since these four, and all have come to make Happy Wheels Full Version, a full on fun experience for the whole family.